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The most educated people in the world (Photos)

The most educated people in the world (Photos)

Forget one or two master’s degrees; some people have multiple master’s degrees and PhDs. They have also proven themselves to be astute academics.

The world’s most educated people are:

VN Parthiban

The most educated people in the world (Photos)

He is a Chennai-based teacher who has earned whopping 145 degrees over the past 30 years. He has obtained multiple degrees, including Master of Science, Law, Commerce, Business Administration, Arts, and 12 research degrees.

Michael Nicholson The most educated people in the world (Photos)

This American has earned 30 degrees over 55 years, including 22 master’s degrees, one bachelor’s degree, two associate degrees, three specialist degrees, and one doctorate.

Abdul Karim Bangura

The most educated people in the world (Photos)

He is a highly educated American Sierra Leonean author, academic administrator, researcher, and scientist. He holds five doctorate degrees, speaks 18 languages, and has published 66 books, making him one of the world’s most educated person.

Benjamin Bolger

He is an American perpetual student with 17 degrees and holds degrees from Columbia, Brown, Stanford, Dartmouth, Oxford, and Cambridge, as well as another degree from Harvard, Penn, and Cornell. As of March 2022, he was one of the most credentialed people in modern history.

Nikolaos Tzenios

Nikolaos Tzenios is a British-Greek-renowned researcher and academic with extensive experience in public health, medical research, and education. Tzenios is a fellow of seven science academies and holds seven university doctorate degrees.

He has received numerous awards and titles, including the titles “Most Titled Science Academician in the World” and “Most Highly Educated Person in the World” from the Official World Records.

Source: NaijaChoice News

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