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5 reasons why you may be having recurring dreams of your ex

5 reasons why you may be having recurring dreams of your ex

Sometimes we dream about people we have never seen otherwise or repetitive dreams of the same person every day or every others days.

Some dreams spoon us out because they can be sudden or they have people we are trying to forget like a former love interest.

Goals can stem from the subconscious mind but as per many theories and those who believe in it, even angels communicate with us through our dreams.

If you have been having recurring dreams of your ex lately, then there could be several reasons someone may have them.

1. Unresolved feelings

If the relationship ended on a sour note or if the person still has feelings for their ex, it can manifest in your dreams. Don’t be alarmed if your ex shows up in your dreams. It is suggested that you find a way to come to a closure so that the dreaming stops.

2. Processing emotions

Dreams can be a way for the brain to process emotions and feelings related to the relationship. It is very natural and nothing to worry about. Instead of running away from those dreams, face the message they are giving and work on it.

3. Stress or anxiety

Dreams can be triggered by stress or anxiety in one’s life, and the your ex may be a symbol of those feelings.

4. Lack of closure

If the person never truly got a closure from the relationship, their dreams may be a way for them to come to terms with its end.

Source: NaijaChoice News

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