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’10 Lessons I Learnt In My 10 Years Of Marriage’

’10 Lessons I Learnt In My 10 Years Of Marriage’

#1. Men crave honor, not just respect. He could get respect from his neighbor, colleagues, even a stranger.

#2. Lower your expectations from the start. Fairytales are fiction and doesn’t last longer than a novel or movie length, marriage is a lifetime reality.

#3. You would both hurt yourselves more than you could ever imagine, and your capacities to forgive and love again would be tested. A lot of people don’t survive the test.

#4. The likelihood that one spouse would be unfaithful at some point is higher than the statistics… Also It’s more likely to be the man. These categories of women would cheat (a) the unrepented slot (b) the unattended or neglected (c) the scorned. The second category are lonely, and the last category just want to get even. Try not to break the trust, it’s so difficult to repair.

#5. Children are a blessing from God, but always remember they are the icing and not the cake. They would grow, leave and cleave. Let them be your common interest and love binder, not your escape. May God bless you with your own children 🙏

#6. Be intentional about fanning the flame of your love. It naturally goes out if you don’t make the effort to keep it burning.

#7. If you two don’t care about each other more than you care about yourselves, you are just flat mates.

#8. Women pls marry men you look up to. Women are drawn to some form of leadership and power. Dear man if you do not possess the one that fascinates the woman you are going for, you will share her eventually.

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#9. Man, the only way you can remain the leader in that home is to be the provider. A woman can at best be a contributor, and if she provides it can only be temporary. Hustle my man!

#10. Most matters you take out to outsiders could have been resolved within yourselves. The people you are going out to don’t have it any better. Your pastor is not a marriage counselor. Your friends are not the ones you got married to. Your parents have finished their job. Learn to communicate with each other, and resolve your issues.

In summary marriage can be Heaven on earth, or Hell. The way you lay your bed, so you must lie on it. Wish you well 🥂

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