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How you hold your smartphone says a lot about your personality

How you hold your smartphone says a lot about your personality

How we handle situations, people, and things, gives away details of our personality to a great deal.

This includes how we hold our posture and even the way we hold our smartphones which have become a necessity today. Yes you read that right!

Your grip on the phone and how you use it too says a lot about your personality.

Scroll down to know what your personality is like according to the way you hold your smartphone.

1. When one hand supports the phone and the other hand’s thumb scrolls down to work it

If you hold your phone like this then you are a smart, reasonable and wise person. You analyse the situation first and then take any step. This makes you to be someone who is cautious and this makes it difficult for the other to cheat you because you have already thought of all situations. But, your major lacking comes in when it comes to love. Your strategising goes for a toss because in this arena, you take unthoughtful and quick decisions. You tend to be judgemental with your partner too and that ruins it all.

2. Using both hands to operate the phone

If this is how you handle your phone, then speed is what you love. You are efficient, good at quick decision making which is often right. Adapting to the fast changing environment is not an issue for you. You are able to act and function effectively in new conditions. However, in the matters of love, your efficiency does not come into functioning. Due to your assertive personality you sometimes miss out on the window to get closer to the person you are with and this tends to scare him/her away.

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3. Holding the phone in one hand and scrolling with the thumb

If you are this person then your confidence level is amazing! Taking risks does not scare you but in fact gives you a rush. You do it all wisely and this helps you get results. But when it comes to love, you like to take your time to get to know the person in your life before jumping into anything serious. This at times makes people presume that you are a reserved person.

4. Using the index finger of one hand to scroll down and the other to hold the phone

You have many great and creative ideas which you often implement in your life. You like solitude as that helps you channel all your thoughts and create a masterpiece. In your love life, you become shy and this prevents you from making new connections and bonds. But when someone tries and gets to know you, they are blown away by your personality.

Source: NaijaChoice News

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