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Be Careful on Set, Some People Wants to Poison You” – Prophet Warns Destiny Etiko

Be Careful on Set, Some People Wants to Poison You” – Prophet Warns Destiny Etiko

A prophet went viral after revealing a vision he had regarding prominent Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko.

In a video, he advised the actress not to trust anyone on a movie set, especially her close friends.

The prophet @karmapresident on TikTok claimed that certain ladies envious of the star will try to poison her.

To avoid this, he advised the actress not to accept food, water, or even a face towel from anyone while on the film set.

According to the prophet, they were scheming to eliminate the actress because she was outperforming them.

He said: “Destiny Etiko, some women are trying to poison her in the Nigerian movie industry. They want to poison her because Destiny Etiko is annoying them and making it in life. Destiny Etiko when you go on set, please be careful.”

Reacting to the post;

Assuranceqwin said: “@dramadoll mama pls be careful and God won’t allow anything to happen to u, the land of Enugu state won’t allow anything happen to you.”

@BirthdayApril24th said: “But truth to be told she needs to be very careful.”

@justinaedem231 said: “God please 0000000 we don’t want Destiny to die. please God protect her.”

@user4500214257500 reacted: “I have had similar dream about her i went to her page to tell her but she has not replied me. i even sent Augustine to her.”

@precious hearts said: “Make she better take am serious. Most of this people doesn’t take prophesies seriously until it happens.”

Watch the video below:


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♬ original sound – KarmaPresident

Source: NaijaChoice News

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